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Why are we the leader of Bridge Girder Beam Launcher Supplier from China?
Nov. 15th, 2017
《Cameroon Tribune》reporter Hilton praised China for pushing forward infrastructure construction. And, 《China Daily》reported: China has invested 30 billion U.S. dollars in its infrastructure in Africa! Infrastructure projects are more and more important to developing countries. Bridge girder beam launcher is equipment that efficiently build roads and bridges. Huada heavy industry is the leader supplier, specialized in bridge girder launcher located in Xinxiang city.
Cast in situ Method in Bridge Construction
Nov. 3rd, 2017
Beam manufacturing generally have two main type in the bridge construction. One is cast in situ method and the other is the precast method.
How to measure the dimensions of overhead crane
Oct. 5th, 2017
Huada Heavy Industry have an average of 15 customers to make inquiries about the overhead cranes, and we will ask the customer to provide the main dimensions of the equipment when the customer inquires.
Precast Girder Bridge Construction Method
Sep. 12th, 2017
Precast girder including the T girder, U girder, I girder and so on. The precast girder bridge construction method have the advantages of rapid construction, improves the safety of the construction personnel and the public, and improves the performance and durability of the structure.
Form Traveller Method
Why Use Form Traveller Method and What’s the advantages?
Aug. 30th, 2017
In order to meet the needs of contractors, engineers of Huada Heavy Industry put forward an idea - using the form traveller method to solve this problem.
How to prolong the service life of Beam Launcher Crane
Aug. 24th, 2017
Huada Heavy Industry is the leader supplier in beam launcher crane. How to prolong the service life of beam launcher crane, we need to pay attention to two points.
Customized Segmental Girder Launcher Solution and Quick Positive Feedback Win Customer’s Favour
Aug. 10th, 2017
As we know, India is a good potential market for road and bridge construction with huge demands in infrastructure. On 7th, Aug, the sales director from the second largest engineering company in India and engineer visit us to communicate segmental girder launcher.
Gantry Crane
How to Guarantee 900T Movable Scaffolding System Delivery Time
May. 16th, 2017
Our company finished two sets of 900 T movable scaffolding system for the overseas order. At the construction site, everyone is busy with their own work, and the production site is in full swing...
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