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  • Straddle Carrier
  • Straddle Carrier
  • Straddle Carrier
  • Straddle Carrier
  • Straddle Carrier
Straddle Carrier
Straddle Carriers are basically lifting cranes mounted on tyres often used to replace gantry cranes for lifting and handling heavy loads in casting yards, factories, storage areas, ports. Straddles pick and carry load while straddling their load and connecting to the top lifting points via a spreader. These machines have the ability to stack segments and beams onto each other and shall be custom made according to contractor’s requirements.
Parameter information
Straddle Carrier
Compared to normal gantry cranes which move on fixed rails, the Straddle Carrier has the flexibility to lift and steer heavy loads in any direction on motorized wheels. These Straddle Carriers' lifting capacities normally range from 5t to 900t. Each machine is custom-designed and fabricated under tight supervision to meet the client's requirements. 

Huada Heavy Industry Straddle Carriers are equipped with reliable system consisted of hydraulic powered winches or electric winches, motors, hydraulic powered rubber wheel, generator and centralize PLC programmable control system. This machine comes complete with emergency features and multiple breaking systems for safe operation when handling heavy loads.
Huada Heavy Industry Straddle Carriers are widely applied for:
Various Bridge Project (HSR, LRT, MRT, etc. projects)
(Handling of Rebar Cages, lifting and storing of Precast Girders at Casting Yard, lifting and erection of Precast Bridge Segments, etc.)
Subway Tunnel
(Remove residue soil at Taphole, usually with quite big lifting height /depth)
(Ship hull block transferring, joint and turnover on the dock)
(Cargo/Goods handling to barge/ship)
Manufacturing factory/workshop/storage yards
(Lifting & handling of heavy parts/goods)
Customized as per project and customer requirements
900 Ton Straddle Carrier
Straddle Carrier
Main technical parameters
Item Description Specification


Model SC-250
2 Carrying Capacity 40t ~ 250t
3 Maximum Overall Outer width 10.4m
4 Mininum Overall Outer width 8m
5 All out height 10m
6 Self-weight 195t
7 Height under spreader 8m
8 Type of industrial tyres 18.00 R 33 n° 4
9 Correct steering on n°2 wheel groups – steering angle 90°
10 Inflation pressure 10 bars
11 Hoisting speed Variable 0~1.9m/min
12 Travelling speed with load Variable 0~17m/min
13 Travelling speed without load Variable 0~24m/min
14 Transverse movement range

± 250 mm

15 Engine Diesel generator
16 Surmountable slope


17 Diesel engine - power 150 kW


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