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Gantry Crane
Huada Heavy Industry Gantry Crane is designed for a full range of uses in the fabrication industry, including casting yards or fabrication yards, and in most cases for outdoor use.  Standard and special gantry cranes are manufactured and supplied by Huada Heavy Industry.  Huada Heavy Industry currently supplies cranes with a capacity of up to 450 tons with our experienced design and technical team.
Parameter information
Gantry Crane
In many cases, material handling functions are performed in open areas. Long and cross travel motions are designed to be perform simultaneously for enabling the goods to reach their destination by the shortest possible route within the shortest time, thus improving handling efficiency.

We providing our customers with the expertise acquired through many years of experience in the areas of installation, load testing, commissioning and after sales support.

Huada Heavy Industry Gantry Cranes are widely applied for:

Various Bridge Project (HSR, LRT, MRT, etc. projects)

(Handling of Rebar Cages, lifting and storing of Precast Girders at Casting Yard, lifting and erection of Precast Bridge Segments, etc.)
Subway Tunnel

(Remove residue soil at Taphole, usually with quite big lifting height /depth)

(Ship hull block transferring, joint and turnover on the dock)

(Cargo/Goods handling to barge/ship)
Manufacturing factory/workshop/storage yards

(Lifting & handling of heavy parts/goods)
Customized as per project and customer requirements

Type Selection Requirements
450 ton Box Girder Gantry Crane
450 ton Box Girder Gantry Crane are developed and designed for handling Full Span Precast Segments for High Speed Railway project in the casting yard.

HMQ Series Gantry Crane is design to deliver steady and low impact operation for every single movement from moving, lifting to unloading. This is an extremely important criterion when dealing with the bulky, expensive but sensitive Precast Full Span Bridge Girders.

Truss type Gantry Crane
Truss type Gantry Crane is extensively used in the fabrication Industry for handling loads from 5 to 150 tons. Our Gantry Crane is designed for outdoor usage. With the truss design it is relatively economical to be use whether during relocation, assembly or services. Also with the small area of contact it is suitable to be use in area with strong wind. 

We have supplied Truss type Gantry Crane for bridge construction, precast bridge casting yard and other special usage. Customized design is always an option for the client. With our strong design and technical team and fabrication team, it is easy to have a customized order delivered within the shortest duration.
Main technical parameters
450 ton Box Girder Gantry Crane

Item Description Specification
1 Model Rail Mounted
2 Lifting Capacity 450t
3 Tested Static load 1.1
4 Work Grade A3
5 Lifting spread 4 point hoisting 3 point balancing
6 Hoisting Point 4
7 Lifting Path Design as per client specification
8 Clear Span Design as per client specification
9 Travelling Speed With Load 0~5m/min
Without Load 0~10m/min
10 Crane Trolley Travelling Speed With Load 0~3m/min
Without Load 0~6m/min
11 Hoisting Speed With Load 0~0.5m/min
Without Load 0~1m/min
12 Stability Safety Factor Longitudinal≥1.4
13 Power 144kw
14 Maximum Dimension for Delivery 12m×1.2m×2.85m

Truss type Gantry Crane Main Specification

Hoisting Capability T 5-20 30-150
Span M 6-40
Lift Path M


Hoisting Speed m/min 8


Travelling Speed m/min 0-20 5-10
Crane Trolley Travelling Speed m/min 20


Designed Slope



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