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Port Cranes
position :
  • Rail Mounted Container Gantry Crane
  • Rail Mounted Container Gantry Crane
  • Rail Mounted Container Gantry Crane
  • Rail Mounted Container Gantry Crane
  • Rail Mounted Container Gantry Crane
  • Rail Mounted Container Gantry Crane
Rail Mounted Container Gantry Crane
Rail Mounted Container Gantry Cranes (RMG) are specialized yard container handling machines. An RMG travels on rails to lift and stack 20, 40 and other iso containers in the yard area of the container terminal. The container is lifted by a spreader attached to cables. Rail mounted cranes come in a variety of models with different spans and overhangs.
Parameter information
Rail Mounted Container Gantry Crane
These cranes are specifically designed for intensive container stacking due to its automation and less need for human handling.Compared to the crane (RTG),the RMG has the advantages of being driven by electrical power,cleaner,bigger lifting capacity,and higher gantry traveling speed with cargo.

A container crane(also container handling Gantry Crane)is a type of large dockside Gantry Crane found at container terminals for loading and unloading intermodal containers from container ship.
Rail Mounted Container Gantry Crane Features
a). High efficiency, make full use of yard, high automatic
b). Few fault, lower energy consumption, low cost
c). Wide span, can step astride 14 or more containers
d). Can stow 5 to 6 floors containers
e). Make full use of yard, so that it can store more containers
f). Simple structure, easy maintenance, reliable operating
g). Electric drive, save energy
h). Crane travels along the rail, not flexible, working range is limited
i). Applied to stacking area and greater throughput of container port

1. Main girder:
Main girder is welded of steel plates, connected by high strength precision bolt. There are sliding rail for trolley to travel upper the girder which is fixed on outrigger by high-tension precision bolt.

2. Outrigger:
a). Consist of rigid outrigger and flexible outrigger, all connection points are connected by high-tension bolt. The ladder is used by operator to enter into cab or arriving at winch when the span>30m, there need a flexible leg aiming at reducing the lateral thrust the trolley has to the rail when the girder load objects.

3. Traveling mechanism:

Traveling mechanism consist of driving gear box and passive wheel box.
a). The driving gear box supplies power to realize the crane’s traveling.

b). what the difference between driving gear box and passive wheel box is that passive wheel box lacks transmission structure such as dynamo, reducer and a pair of exposed gear.

4. Trolley with hoist:
Trolley frame welded of steel plate is the loading and traveling mechanism of trolley with hoisting. Winch is the lifting mechanism of trolley. When it works, wire rope affects the pulley as rising and falling movement, which makes suspended objects lifting and lowering Warning: wire ropes need to be examined regularly and changed in time if there is a 10% broken wires, loosen wires and wearing down.

5. Cab:
a). Glass window through which one can watch overall working condition is installed in the front and two sides of the cab. Electric cabinet as a group of independent cabinet, fixed outside of cab is connected by control cable and linkage station which is set up in the cab.

6. Electrical system:
a).Lifting motor, crane traveling motor and hydraulic power motor are included. The whole electrical system is controlled by PLC.
b). two ways to operate the crane: cab operating and remote controlling.
c). Electric components are imported from Schneider in Germany.
Main Technical Parameters
Capacity/ Lifting Weight T Customized
Span m 10~50
Max Lifting Height Main Hook m 9~50
Aux Hook m 9~52
Operation Method Cabin control, wireless controller
Speed Lifting m/min 10/11 10/12
Handcart travel m/min 37 36
Cart travel m/min 39.4 38.5
Lifting Mechanism type Electric winch trolley
Steel Track P38, P43, P50, QU70, QU80 
Working Classification A3-A7
Power Supply AC 3-Phase A.C 50/60Hz  220~480V
Main electric parts Chint, Schneider, Siemens brand
Weight Overload Protection Device Included
Crane Traveling Limited Switch Included
Voltage Lower Protection Function Included
Motor Heavy duty slide ring type, top quality in China
Gear and Wheel Manufacture good quality types by our own factory
Wire rope Steel core
Hook and Pulley Close type
Buffer Polyurethane material
Anti-collision System Included
Brake Electric hydraulic
Remark Above information just for reference, detail parameter 
based on different lifting weight. Our products are 
customized; all the specifications is depend on your 

Company video
40T Container Straddle Carrier Test Video before delivery Used for 20feet and 40feet containers
40T Container Straddle Carrier Test Video before delivery Used for 20feet and 40feet containers
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