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Straddle Carrier
Straddle Carriers are basically lifting cranes mounted on tyres often used to replace gantry cranes for lifting and handling heavy loads in casting yards, factories, storage areas, ports. Straddles pick and carry load while straddling their load and connecting to the top lifting points via a spreader. These machines have the ability to stack segments and beams onto each other and shall be custom made according to contractor’s requirements.
Parameter information

 Straddle Carrier Crane Manufacturer & Supplier

Straddle Carrier is also called Rubber Tyre Gantry Crane or RTG Crane, Compared to normal gantry cranes which move on fixed rails, the Straddle Carrier has the flexibility to lift and steer heavy loads in any direction on motorized wheels. These Straddle Carriers' lifting capacities normally range from 5t to 900t. Each machine is custom-designed and fabricated under tight supervision to meet the client's requirements. 

Huada Heavy Industry Straddle Carriers are equipped with reliable system consisted of hydraulic powered winches or electric winches, motors, hydraulic powered rubber wheel, generator and centralize
PLC programmable control system. This machine comes complete with emergency features and multiple breaking systems for safe operation when handling heavy loads.

Straddle Carrier Crane Features

◆ Full hydraulic drive: The industrial straddle carrier adopts full hydraulic drive, including the traveling mechanism, steering mechanism, and lifting mechanism. 
◆ Strong site adaptability: adapt to various places without power supply, with its own power system, cement or asphalt pavement, strong site adaptability, and flexibility.
◆ Imported core accessories: The main hydraulic components pumps, motors, and reducers are all imported products, and the whole machine has strong reliability.
◆ Multiple steering modes: The operating mechanism has the functions of transverse running, longitudinal running, and 360° rotation with the geometric center of the vehicle as the center, forward, backward, and braking.
◆ Synchronous lift control system: The lifting adopts a synchronous shunt system and is equipped with leveling device to ensure the synchronous lifting and lowering of the load, the stroke of the lifting cylinder is detected by the pull rope sensor to protect the lifting safety.
◆ Automatic control system: The control unit adopts advanced electro-hydraulic technology, and the control actions of all systems are completed by solenoid valves, without the manpower to operate various valve groups.
◆ The most efficient material handling solution: Due to the characteristics of four-wheel 360° steering and lifting anti-sway, it has high material handling efficiency. The characteristics of low energy consumption, energy saving, and environmental protection can meet the needs of hoisting, transfer, and maintenance of large facilities.
150 Tons Straddle Carrier Crane Details

 straddle carrier

Straddle Carrier Specifications

Carrying Capacity
Machine Working Level
Organizational Level of Work
40.5~44.5m(Clear Span36m~40m)
Lifting Height
Lifting Speed
0~0.5m/min(Heavy Load)     0~1.5m/min(Without Load)
Running Speed
0~17m/min(Heavy Load)      0~35m/min(Without Load)
Climbing Ability
Adaptive Pavement
Concrete, asphalt pavement or compacted graded gravel pavement.
Tire Specifications / Quantity
Drive Shaft / Follower Shaft
Supporting Cylinder Specification
ø280/200t Travelling Length 400m
Axle Load Mass
Ground Specific Voltage
Platform Lift Stroke
Allowable Wind Pressure
Working Condition:250N/m²
Off Working State:800N/m²
Engine Power
Total Weight
Walking Mode
Longitudinal Travelling, Transverse Travelling, Crab Travelling


  • Huada Heavy Industry Straddle Carriers are widely applied for:
  • Various Bridge Project (HSR, LRT, MRT, etc. projects): Handling of Rebar Cages, lifting and storing of Precast Girders at Casting Yard, lifting and erection of Precast Bridge Segments, etc.
  • Subway Tunnel: Remove residue soil at Taphole, usually with quite big lifting height /depth.
  • Shipyard: Ship hull block transferring, joint and turnover on the dock.
  • Port: Cargo/Goods handling to barge/ship.
  • Manufacturing factory/workshop/storage yards: Lifting & handling of heavy parts/goods.
  • Customized as per project and customer requirements.
Straddle Carrier Manufacturer & Casting Yard Lifting Solutions
Huada Heavy Industry has involved in the design and manufacturing of bridge erection equipment and gantry crane field since 2008 and specialized to provide series of customized construction solutions and equipment to the world, which cover straddle carriers, launching gantry, beam launchers, MSSform traveler, portal crane, overhead crane and series of gantry cranes , etc. Its product range is widely used for LRT, MRT, Metro, Railway, Highway, Viaduct, interchange, cable-stayed bridge, and formwork Construction.

Straddle Carrier Videos


The following video is about the single and double beam Straddle carrier working principle and steering mode. If you would like to see more videos, such as straddle carrier overseas projects, and how to install a straddle carrier, please click here to Huada Heavy Industry Youtube Channel.

Single Girder Straddle Carrier Working Principle and Steering Mode

Multiple steering modes, flexible travelling, simple operation of remote control or cabin, suitable for different working conditions. Such go straight, 90 degree steering, crab traveling.

U-type Double Girder Straddle Carrier for Lifting Precast Segment Girder


Frequently Asked Questions


1.How to finalize the straddle carrier lifting height? 

The span and lifting height of the straddle carrier is customized according to client’s needs. Therefore, we need to get basic info and description of the working condition, handling material dimension, yard size so that we can proceed with design and offer.

2. What is the advantage and disadvantage of straddle carrier?

Straddle carrier crane has many advantages. Its structure has four additional legs, which makes the crane more stable, more efficient and safer in lifting operations. In addition, it uses a combination of components, Straddle carrier installation will be easier, reducing installation time and speeding up the schedule; and relatively small size, relatively light weight, can be flexible according to different positions to turn the equipment.
But there are some disadvantages, straddle carrier is less maneuverable, not suitable for long distance travel, and the requirements for road surface are also higher.

3. How are the straddle carrier wheels driven?

The straddle carrier can be divided into two modes: Hydraulic Drive and electric drive. The main power source of the hydraulic drive straddle carrier is the output power of the engine to drive the hydraulic motor for steering and running. The power source of the electric drive straddle carrier is mainly the generator output power to drive the electric system.

4. What are the requirements of the road surface for straddle carrier to work on?

The straddle carrier shall work on compacted road surface or concrete pavement surface.

5. Can you provide guidance for installation and commissioning?

There are two schemes for customers to choose from:
a: Free Remote on-line guidance: We have supported the site assembly & commissioning of straddle carriers by free on-line remote guidance 
that save much time& cost for our customers.
b: Huada will send engineers to customers site to guide site commissioning at client's cost.

6. How to maintain the straddle carrier? 

After delivery, we will send our installation, operation and maintenance manual of straddle carrier. Field users can perform maintenance according to the detailed information in the manual. 

7. How much does straddle carrier cost? 

Straddle carrier is a customized product, its cost varies depending on the requirements and specifications of each customer. The straddle carrier cost mainly depends on these factors: lifting weight, span, lifting height, power supply, actual working environment, and other special requirements. Therefore, if you want to get an estimated price, please send us the main information and we will give you a quick quote.

Company video
2sets 70T Straddle Carrier are Putting into use at Casting Yard
2sets 70T Straddle Carrier are Putting into use at Casting Yard
Straddle Carrier Load Test at Casting Yard
Straddle Carrier Load Test at Casting Yard
Lifting Mechanism Commissioning Vedio of the 70 Ton Straddle Carrier (RTG)
Lifting Mechanism Commissioning Vedio of the 70 Ton Straddle Carrier (RTG)
The Steering Commissioning Vedio of the 70 Ton Straddle Carrier (RTG)
The Steering Commissioning Vedio of the 70 Ton Straddle Carrier (RTG)
Double Girder Straddle Carrier for Lifting Precast Segment Girder, Straddle Carrier Manufacturer
Double Girder Straddle Carrier for Lifting Precast Segment Girder, Straddle Carrier Manufacturer
Two Sets of Straddle Crane, Straddle Carrier for Lifting Precast T beam, I beam, U beam etc.
Two Sets of Straddle Crane, Straddle Carrier for Lifting Precast T beam, I beam, U beam etc.
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