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Electric Hoist With Motorized Trolley Common Malfunction Analysis
May. 11th, 2018
Electric hoist is widely use, also it can be combined with motorized trolley to form different types of hoist crane. We aims to introduce motorized trolley common malfunctions and its solutions here.

1. Wheel slip
There is oil, water etc. dirt on rail surface or wheel. The dirt shall be cleaned immediately.

2. Wheel dangling
① Flange surface of I-beam or other rail surface not irregular. It shall be flame repaired.
② Motorized trolley fabrication with low assembly accuracy. It shall be re-checked and repaired.

3. Wheel climbing track
① The backstop or buffer at the end of the track is not symmetrical. Re-adjust or repair backstop and buffer’s symmetrical structure.
② Motorized trolley driven wheel weight not balanced causes driven wheel side wing up and climb track.Add counter weight at the driven wheel side. 

Electric Hoist With Motorized Trolley
Electric Hoist With Motorized Trolley
Electric Hoist With Motorized Trolley
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