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Brief Introduction of Post Tensioned Bridge Construction
Apr. 25th, 2018
The post tensioned is the method of applying prestress to concrete members in prestress tensioning, abbreviation is PT.
Underslung Bridge Crane
Apr. 12th, 2018
Complex building conditions require specialized solutions that are easily implemented by underslung bridge travelling cranes. The gantry rails are mounted on the ceiling instead of free-standing alone or building columns. Therefore, the best results can be obtained even under a narrow space and difficult conditions.
Malfunction of Wire Rope Hoist for Some Manufacturers in China
Mar. 28th, 2018
Wire rope hoist is a kind of electric hoist bearing loading by wire rope. Matched with trolley, the wire rope hoist can work as lifting mechanism in the monorail crane, gantry crane, overhead crane or jib cane.
Precast Segmental Bridge Assembling Construction by Method of Glue Assembly
Mar. 16th, 2018
In the 90s, China's major Bridges splicing technology is given priority to with wet splicing technology in precast segmental bridge. With the development of the bridge design in recent years, new bridge segment splicing glue materials research and development is born.
Beam Trailer Transport Girders for Highway and Bridge construction
Feb. 10th, 2018
Beam trailer are engineered to spread the transported load to meet highway and bridge-load limits. Beam trailers are ideally suited for moving various types of girders, T-beam, I beam, segment girders.
EOT Crane Manufacturer China
Professional EOT crane manufacturer——Huada Heavy Industry in China
Jan. 18th, 2018
EOT crane is the abbreviation of Electric overhead traveling crane, is one of the most common types of overhead crane, and is operate by electric, generally there is an operator cabin or wired remote control with the EOT crane.
Double Girder EOT Crane Price
How to Get Quick and Valid Double Girder EOT Crane Price?
Jan. 5th, 2018
There is an increasing demand for purchasing people to find more reliable and timely-respond suppliers. Then how to get quick and valid double girder EOT crane price from crane manufactures becomes one top concern for purchasing people.
Monorail Crane System of Various Shapes
Dec. 15th, 2017
Huada Heavy Indsutry received 3 orders from Kuwait client this month about the monorail crane system will be used in their plant to lifting goods.
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