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Brief Introduction of Post Tensioned Bridge Construction
Apr. 25th, 2018
In the bridge construction, the PT is getting more and more popular. Huada Heavy Industry strongly recommend the PT for bridge construction.

1. What is the post tensioned?
The post tensioned is the method of applying prestress to concrete members in prestress tensioning, abbreviation is PT.
Post tensioned method,first pouring the concrete members, and the pre-stressed pipes (usually bellows) or embedded rubber pipes are inbuilt before pouring, and pipes are pulled out after pouring for a certain time.
Then, after the concrete reaches a certain strength (usually more than 80% of the design strength), the prestressed steel bar is penetrated into the pipe to be tensioned, and then anchored with the anchorage device.
After all the tensioning is completed, the inner pipe is grouted to complete the prestressing member. The greatest benefits of the post tensioned is that it can effectively carry the design loads.

2. What types of post tensioned are there?
There are many types of post tension bars and cover a wide range of fields. There are three main types of bridge construction:
Internal bonded tendons: this method is commonly used for bridges and heavy duty girders in buildings.
Internal unbonded tendons: where the prestressing steel is not actually bonded to the concrete that surrounds it, except at the anchorages. They are increasingly being used for infrastructure projects.
External unbonded tendons: these are installed on the outer surface of concrete structures. This type of post-tensioning allows access for maintenance and replacement. 
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