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Precast Segmental Bridge Assembling Construction by Method of Glue Assembly
Mar. 16th, 2018
 In the 90s, China's major Bridges splicing technology is given priority to with wet splicing technology in precast segmental bridge. With the development of the bridge design in recent years, new bridge segment splicing glue materials research and development is born. Our engineers have mastered this technology through two years of training and overseas field practice.

Relative to wet splicing method, the glue assembly is the biggest characteristic of building a bridge. In joint processing, epoxy resin splicing glue instead of concrete connection is adopted. At the same time, it needs to be loaded before splicing glue curing epoxy resin temporary prestress. When dismantling temporary prestress, ensure that the whole construction stage seams do not occure tensile stress.

In construction ways, the glue assembly method has strict technique in construction of precast segmental bridge. Localization of the segmental girders during installation and connection technology demand is demanding. The professional skills of construction equipment and workers is also demanding.

High-performance concrete prefabricated girders, and a precise test and the development of technology, such as high precision measurement control segmental precast glue splicing technology is worth popularizing to build a precast segmental bridge.
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