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Malfunction of Wire Rope Hoist for Some Manufacturers in China
Mar. 28th, 2018
Wire rope hoist is a kind of electric hoist bearing loading by wire rope. Matched with trolley, the wire rope hoist can work as lifting mechanism in the monorail crane, gantry crane, overhead crane or jib cane. It has features of compact structure, light weight, high efficiency, easy operation and widely used in factory, port, warehouse, goods yard etc. working place.

How to find qualified wire rope hoist manufacturers in China becomes all users’ top concern. Among all possible failures, wire rope crack malfunction is a common phenomenon. It mainly lies in hoisting limit switch failure. Load reaches maximum or minimum limiting position, but continues to lifting or descending. Excessive overload that exceeds the wire rope rated bearing load also leads to wire rope crack. In addition, hoist with scrapping standard being used also leads to crack.

To avoid wire rope crack, below points shall be considered. Firstly, safety protection device shall be matched. Secondly, measures shall be taken to avoid wire rope crack or dragging rope. Huada heavy industry can let customers visit the production process, carry out static load test and dynamic load test on the wire rope hoist, and provide detailed safe operation manual. 
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