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position :
120 Ton 65 M Balance Cantilever Segment Lifter
Segment weight: 120 Ton
Equipment Supplied: 120 Ton Balance Cantilever Segment Lifter
Main Specifications: 65 M Span, 120 Ton
Longitudinal Slope: 7%
Transverse Slope: 7%
Minimum Radius: 80 M
Year: 2013

The 120 Ton 65 M Balance Cantilever Segment Lifter can be optimally used in a balanced cantilever structure in which pre-casting can be carried out and the segment can be transported below the span. The device allows the establishment of industrial sector and faster erection, so it is suitable for large span bridges.
The Segment  Lifter could be designed to have a structure which has a length from 2.5 M to 4 M and a weight from 60 Ton to 120 Ton, and to apply to different applications such as, ramps, tight locations or areas that are often difficult to pass through the riverbed.

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