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Heavy Duty 2 Sets Cost-effective 1500 ton Underslung MSS for Pakistan Project
Equipment supplied: 1500 Ton Underslung MSS
Client: China Construction Sixth Engineering Division Co., Ltd
Year of Manufacture: 2016
No. of Sets: 2 sets

Main specification: Max span length
Country: Pakistan
Winch lifting capacity: 1500 Ton
Max transverse slope:≤ 2%
Max longitudinal slope:≤ 2%
Adaptive radius:≥ 2000 m

Huada Heavy Industry Underslung Movable Scaffolding System (MSS) is delivered to Karachi, Pakistan in August. Upon receipt of all components, on site workers check goods and ready for installation work.

When we count the goods, we should know what the main components of the bridge erector are.

For underslung MSS inner girder system: including steel box girder, nose structure girder, bottom mold and box girder lock system, support structure system, walk device etc. Inner girder system bears most weight of casting concrete and assist outer girder launching.
Underslung MSS

For underslung MSS outer girder system: include bailey truss girder, bailey truss cross girder, hanging girder, lower hook girder, connecting girder, suspender, bottle jack, connecting rod, front-support girder, upper cross girder, rear-support girder, outer mould and mold structure, longitudinal travelling mechanism. Outer girder system bears concrete box girder flange slab weight and part of concrete weight, it also assist inner girder system launching.
Underslung MSS

For underslung MSS pier top reserved groove and pier body embedded part: pier top reserved groove size 3.8 m deep, 3 m width, located in the center of pier body.
Underslung MSS

Hydraulic system: the MSS match 5 sets of hydraulic system, according to its function it can be classified into front-support hydraulic system, rear-support hydraulic system, front pier supporting point hydraulic system and bridge deck longitudinal travelling hydraulic system.
Underslung MSS

All of the above components form the basis of a cost-effective underslung Movable Scaffolding System.

Today, according to our years' experience, Huada Heavy Industry proves that  MSS for construction of cast-in-situ bridges is cost saving with advantages for bridge construction project. Optimized design, Ease of installation, Efficient operation. Welcome to Huadu Heavy Industry consulting the MSS.
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