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Balance Cantilever Application by Segment Lifter
Jun. 20th, 2012
Ningbo Xiangshan Port Bridge is a double-tower and double-faces cable-stayed bridge.
Main span: 600m
Span arrangement: 82m+262m+688m+262m+82m
total length: 1376m
Longitudinal slope: 2.5%.

The bridge shall adopt closed steel box girder.
segment height: 3.5m
segment width 26.4m
standard segment length: 15m
max girder weigh: 233t

How to lift so huge bridge deck onto the piers is a technical difficulty. Huada Heavy Industry provide customized solution according to the project. The steel box girder of main span is erected by 4 sets 250T segment lifter using balance cantilever method.

Balance cantilever application by Segment lifter is used in cable-stayed bridge or cross-sea bridge. It has features of light structure, convenient travelling and easy operation with economic cost.
Segment Lifter
Segment Lifter
Segment Lifter
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