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How to prolong the service life of Beam Launcher Crane
Aug. 24th, 2017
 Huada Heavy Industry is the leader supplier in beam launcher crane. How to prolong the service life of beam launcher crane, we need to pay attention to two points, as below:

Operating requirements and attention of beam launcher crane:

1. In outdoor work, the normal working speed should be less than 6;
2. Check the wire rope is broken, the line is leakage, the brake is reliable;
3. The bridge girder beam launcher can not work on a thunderstorm;
4. Flammable items are strictly prohibited on the bridge girder beam launcher;
5. When the component breaks down, should cut off the power immediately, inspect and repair by professional and technical personnel;
6. The lifting, longitudinal traveling and transverse traveling shouldn’t work together; the speed of lifting and translational velocity should be slowly to avoid leaning and side tumbling.

Maintenance time of beam launcher crane:
After construction are finished everyday, the workers must check the derails of every place in beam launcher crane, such as:
the level of main longitudinal girder meets the requirements or not.
the connection of bolts and pins are firm or not.
the hydraulic system is normal or not.
the connection of position limiter of crane and trolley are firm or not.
the rail clamping device is in the working state or not.
Every month must check whether there is a crack in the welding line. It is necessary to maintain and inspect the parts of beam launcher crane regularly every year. Huada Heavy Industry have been adhering to the attitude of selling high-quality equipment to customers and providing high-quality services, such as free 30-day’s installation and commissioning guide, detailed English manual, etc.
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