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Professional EOT crane manufacturer——Huada Heavy Industry in China
Jan. 18th, 2018
EOT crane is the abbreviation of Electric overhead traveling crane, is one of the most common types of overhead crane, and is operate by electric, generally there is an operator cabin or wired remote control with the EOT crane.

Huada Heavy Industry is a professional EOT crane manufacturer in China. And our engineers have mature design technology and innovative technology, which could provide suitable equipment solutions according to specific project requirements. Only meet this is not sufficient, we also strive to provide economic and efficient solutions to clients.

Our EOT cranes are available for both top and bottom run, single girder and double girder structure. And the advantage of EOT cranes:
1. The using area can increase by the design of prolong the length of end trucks.
2. Installed in the upper part of the plant, it take little floor space.
3. It is generally applicable to harsh and heavy load environments, such as steel industry, power generation and refineries.
4. With the favorable structure, more cost effective.

EOT Crane Manufacturer China
EOT Crane Manufacturer China
EOT Crane Manufacturer China
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