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Why Use Form Traveller Method and What’s the advantages?
Aug. 30th, 2017

When building arch bridges across the valleys, the distance between the piers of the bridge increases due to the terrain in the valley. At the same time, the length of the bridge built by the beam launcher and launching gantry is fixed and can not accommodate the needs of this particular bridge. In order to meet the needs of contractors, engineers of Huada Heavy Industry put forward an idea - using the form traveller method to solve this problem.

The advantages of form traveller method are as follows:
1. The form traveller can withstand the weight of the beam and the construction load;
2. It has Large stiffness, small deformation;
3. Form traveller has Lightweight structure, easy to move forward;
4. It is suitable for a wide range, the bottom mold is easy to lift, can adapt to different beam height.

Form Traveller Method
Form Traveller
Form Traveller Method
Form Traveller
Form Traveller Method
Form Traveller
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