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Precast Girder Bridge Construction Method
Sep. 12th, 2017
Precast girder including the T girder, U girder, I girder and so on. The precast girder bridge construction method have the advantages of rapid construction, improves the safety of the construction personnel and the public, and improves the performance and durability of the structure.

Here we introduce the simple construction technology for the precast girder made:
Post-tension construction technology:
Clean the bottom mould,
Construction layout of side mould and end mould,
Assembling-binding the bottom and web steel reinforcement,
Install the prestressed pipe
Install inner mould,
Binding the steel reinforcement,
Casting girder body concrete,
Girder body maintenance,
Tension and Mud jacking,
Seal anchor of the end beam and end construction plug concrete.

Generally precast girder made in the casting yard, these girders are manufactured under strict control and monitoring in precast concrete factory, transported to the construction site and placed side by side in the bridge, which saves a lot of time and is not limited by the construction environment.

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