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1000 Ton 60 M Overhead Movable Scaffolding System
Equipment Supplied: 1000 Ton overhead Movable Scaffolding System
Main Specifications: Max. Span 60 M, 1000 Ton
Year: 2017

In year 2017, our designed and manufactured 1000 Ton 60 M Overhead Movable Scaffolding System had been provided in Foshan to Guangzhou line project to China railway.
MSS could be overhead and the underslung type according to the construction site situation, and both consist of a self-supporting steel structure, this structure combined with a project specific exterior formwork. And, hydraulic systems are designed to move the large machine.
Generally the full span method is suitable for bridge with span 20M-70M and girder weight 300T-1000T. It can be widely used in the construction of various bridge, such as highways, LRT, MRT etc.
The advanteges are:
Do not need the casting yard to make the girder, the girder is done and tensioned at the erection/construction site.
Do not need the trye transporter to tranport the girder from casting yard to the construciton site.
Do not inluence by the limited of traffic.
Cost is not so high.
Disadvanteges is:
It would be possible that one sapn needs 10 to 14 days for the erection/construction.

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