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What are the main installation steps of the gantry crane?
Sep. 10th, 2018
Huada Heavy Industry support engineer to overseas gantry crane installation. Our factory use new and innovative solutions to assist clients in their tasks: from distance-controlled equipment, to application of its technology in different fields, to environment-friendly solutions. 
Main installation steps of gantry crane:
1. Carry the crane to the installation site after the out of the box inspection
2. Clear the installation site on the unfavorable construction of debris, and in the construction around the obvious construction logo.
3. Choose the installation site, organize the arrangements to get off, beams and legs, the parts placed in place
4. Trolley and legs hoisting
5. Main beam hoisting
6. Car hoisting
7. Hoisting of ancillary facilities
① main beam frame production
② the next beam of lifting
③ legs hoisting: hanging point selection, leg position adjustment, leg stability
For customers who sign the order with us, we will arrange professional engineers to go to the construction site for 20 days' free guide installation. Reciprocal, the buyer should be responsible for each of our engineer’s visa, accommodation, meals, round-trip tickets, local insurance.

Gantry Crane Installation
Gantry Crane Installation
Gantry Crane Installation
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