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How to measure the dimensions of overhead crane
Oct. 5th, 2017
Overhead crane is generally made of crane, trolley and steel frame. Huada Heavy Industry have an average of 15 customers to make inquiries about the overhead cranes, and we will ask the customer to provide the main dimensions of the equipment when the customer inquires.
How to measure the dimensions of overhead crane? The Main measurement dimensions, as follows:
Runway rail size
Crane span
Runway length

Measuring the Crane’s Runway Rail Size
Making sure that you understand the size of the rails will allow you to properly size the wheels. The two most important measurements for the crane rails are the head width and the rail height.

Measuring the Crane’s Span
One of the most important measurements is the span of the overhead crane. The span of a overhead crane is basically its width, which is the distance between the center and the center of the runway beam. This is important because it determines how much material is needed to build the bridge and, most importantly, the cost of the overhead crane.

Measuring the Crane’s Runway Length
The length of the runway is the total distance of the crane through the facility. Measure runway length according to workshop or warehouse space.

After the customer provides the above dimensions to us, we will provide the customized design and quotation to customer. 
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