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Cast in situ Method in Bridge Construction
Nov. 3rd, 2017
Beam manufacturing generally have two main type in the bridge construction. One is cast in situ method and the other is the precast method. Here we main refer to the cast in situ method in bridge construction.
Cast in situ method in bridge construction is a flexible method which is the demands of more unusual geometrical shapes can be easily coped with. The connection between cast in situ beam and structural parts is relatively reliable and the overall performance of the structure is good. However, due to the limitation of external condition and self process, it cannot be put into use at any time.
Cast in situ beam is fit for the big beam section and larger span, if using precast beams, transportation and installation is very inconvenient. Besides, cast In situ beam is also can satisfy the more larger stress structure in the bridge construction, etc.
Surely, according to your different construction technology, our Huada Heavy Industry can provide you our different construction equipment, such as form traveller and movable scaffolding system are used for the cast in situ girders construction. Bridge segment cast in situ construction travelling cantilever formwork are with good quality modular connection, designed for future modification and repeated usage for many years. 
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