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Bridge Girder Erection Machine for High Speed Railway-Chinese Bridge Building Machine
Mar. 15th, 2017
Aimed at Chinese high speed railway large tonnage precast concrete box girder construction features and requirements, We design bridge girder erection machine for high speed railway. It can erect 32M,24M and 20M girders, weight ranging from 450 ton to 900ton, which is popular Chinese bridge building machine.
Its structure can be classified as truss type, honeycomb type, box type.

Chinese bridge building machine for high speed rail way technical features:
1. Reasonable structure-support legs is stressed precisely.
2. The whole machine can realize cross-span and double-direction construction. It can also erect single line misplaced box girder, reaching the girder erection requirement for 32M, 24M, 20M in high speed railway.
3. The bridge building machine can do self-launching, and can also do launching work site transfer by girder carrier transport.
4. It requires the whole machine to be light, low center of gravity, better stability.
5. Travelling mechanism adopts VFD techniques; lifting mechanism adopts stator variable voltage variable speed technology to ensure stable start and brake. The whole bridge building machine adopts PLC Controlling Technique for Programming, safe and reliable.

Chinese bridge building machine is not only widely used in China for building high-speed railways, but also in India, Africa, the Chinese bridge building machine is also very popular. Huada Heavy Industry concentrates advanced technology and design personnel to meet clients requirement in bridge building filed.
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