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Brief Introduction for Balanced Cantilever Bridge Construction Method
Mar. 24th, 2012
For balanced cantilever bridge construction method, no need for temporary support column in the river. Starting from the pier, it evolves to the span direction. For each span, pre-stressing shall be conducted to connect the finished part as a whole.

There are two points to be specially paid attention to for balanced cantilever bridge construction method.
1.In the construction method, the piers shall be firmly consolidated with beams. When using this construction method, the concrete beams extended from the pier to both direction. To bear the unbalanced moment of force and guarantee its stable and reliable structure during construction process, measures shall been taken to fix #0 block on the top of pier with pier together. It can be cut apart when necessary.
2. System shift during construction period shall be fully considered. System shift means that during the construction period, bridge structure stressing system changes after finishing one construction process.

Huada Heavy Industry has designed and produced segment lifter to assist clients to finish project within construction period and then win more construction contracting in the following project tenders.

Balanced Cantilever Bridge Construction Method
Balanced Cantilever Bridge Construction Method
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