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Monorail Crane Advantages and Application
Nov. 13th, 2008
If you need a truly perfect uniform (linear) motion solution, Huada Heavy Industry monorail crane should be firstly considered. By adding additional rail, crank track, switch and interlocking device, it can easily form a more complex lifting system.

Monorail Crane could lift weight varies between 75kg-2000kg and has wide applicable scope to almost all material handling environment:
components machining and assembly
stacking or molded plastic workshop
machining equipment maintenance
truck service center

Monorail Crane is for a single unit of work, it’s has the advantages of:
low cost for economic benefits
Easy installation to reduce installation time and cost
Greatly increases the operator's satisfaction
A safer operating progress

Of course monorail crane could effectively improve the production efficiency to meet the rapid return on investment. Welcome to consult. 
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