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HuaDa Precast Mould -- Precast Concrete Member Moulding Process
Jul. 12th, 2018
Precast concrete girder mould mainly used in precast yard, its use can greatly improve the efficiency of the bridge. Precast concrete girder mould are able to the T beam, U beam, TT beam, segmental beam.

Precast concrete mould process: The steel reinforcement cage into the moulding--inner mould system and side mould adjust position--pouring concrete--segment curing--bottom mould trolley transport A segment beam out of the mould--A as the matching segment--then do next segment beam.

Precast segmental concrete girder mould main parts:
1.bottom mould system
1.1bottom mould trolley, bottom mould, mould support
2.Side mould system
2.1 side mould , corner mould , side mould support, platform.
3.End mould system
3.1 temporary end mould, fix end mould, platform, adjustment sections.
4.Inner mould system
4.1 Inner mould support, main support, hydraulic cylinder.

On Sept. 17, 2018, our engineers completed the one-month work of the South Asia project, which is about the installation of precast concrete mould and technical guidance communication. Even better, our company was praised by the local engineers.

Huada Heavy Industry precast concrete girder mould make the Road & Bridge connect the world more convenient. 
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