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Special Design of Mould---Short Line Matching Precast Template System
Feb. 3rd, 2017
Project Name: 40 M Connection Bridge Short Line Matching Beam
Product Name: Short Line Mould
Span: 40 M (Connection bridge beam)
Segment Width: 12 M
Years: 2016, 12
According to the Middle East client's objective conditions: the prefabricated site is small and requires short construction time. Our engineer design a specification solution of girder mould, a short line matching precast template system for a girder bridge having a composite structure and corrugated steel webs.
The special point of design solution:
1. Short line matching precast template system:
1) Improve the positioning accuracy of the positioning device is mounted by three, with high precision, easy assembly and disassembly, versatility and so on. This can greatly save construction time.
2) Facilitate the reinforcement cage integrally molded, positioning accuracy and improve installation quality concrete pouring.
2. Corrugated steel webs composite structure
1) Durability
2) Light weight
3) Prestressed high efficiency
4) Attractive appearance
This special solution of Huada Heavy Industry was quickly adopted by the client, and a contract was signed a month later.

Short Line Mould
Short Line Mould
Short Line Mould
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