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150T beam Launcher adopts side feeding method to feed girder – Malaysia Project
Oct. 12, 2016. The 150t beam launcher side feeding girder is formally erected for Malaysia project. We designed the side feeding girder method for the customer to build the bridge girder.  Construction steps are as follows:
1. Tyre transporter transport the T-girder directly from the precast site to just below the beam launcher. Move the main girder from mid-span position to the outside of the cover girder to be lifted.
2. Lifting girder, the two longitudinal moving trolley simultaneously hoisting both ends of the T girder so that the girder will leave the carriage bracket. When the whole weight of the girder is borne by two longitudinal moving trolley, the lift is stopped.
After inspection of the safety and reliability of the spreader equipment , the tyre transporter is moved away . Continue to lift the girder slowly to the top of the cover girder , so that the bottom surface of the T-girder can pass through the top surface of the cover girder smoothly .
3. Traversing girder, first of all, using the method of traversing the whole machine of the beam launcher, the girder body is transversely moved to the erecting erection position. When the beam launcher is moved transversely , it is necessary to ensure that the lifting point of the longitudinal moving crane is located in the middle of the two main longitudinal girders , so that the stress is uniform.
4. Falling girder, when the girder is aligned horizontally and longitudinally precisely and meets the condition of falling girder, simultaneous falling rope of front and rear longitudinal moving trolley hoist. Lower the height of the girder, so that the girder body and the support to maintain a distance of 2 ~ 3 cm.
Check whether the position of the temporary support meets the load requirement, whether the permanent support is installed, the position is accurate, and the landing girder is in place.
Using the side feeding method, only one girder launcher is used to complete the erection of the whole bridge installation girder. It is convenient for the management of mechanical performance, electrical performance, personnel input and power supply capacity of the equipment.
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