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Beam Launcher
position :
One set of Precast Beam Launcher was supplied for reconstruction of the viaduct bridge in Mumbai Highway Project
Main specifications:
Capacity: 150 ton
Span: 45 M
Maximum Transverse slope: ≤3%
Maximum longitudinal slope: ≤4%

Using precast beam launching solved any difficulty. Precast beam launching are light self-launcher machines that include two triangular trusses. Huada Heavy Industry specializes in designing a precast beam launching for Mumbai Highway Project.

Precast beam launching emitters easily cope with span length and platform geometry changes, planned curvatures and ground restrictions. The beam supports the gantry on the pier and allows lateral movement to erect the side beam and launch along the gantry along the curve. Two winch-trolleys span between the top chords of the trusses and lodge two winches each.

1. Reliable performance
(a) Apply the new, individual, fixed structure of the triangular space grid to the girder to increase the stiffness and strength of the entire crane.
(b) The main beam of high-strength steel.
(c) The middle beam and the three beam cranes are connected together to ensure the lateral stability of the bridge when erected.
(d) The travel agencies have a travel switch control, to reduce the collision between the various agencies.
(e) Overload resistance system: Both sets of trolleys have high-performance limiter so if the lifting beam is overloaded, the limiter stops immediately.

2. More powerful corrosion resistance
(a) Standard painting process to ensure sandblasting and painting quality.
(b) The main steel beam to achieve closed welding, to avoid internal corrosion.

3. Higher work efficiency
(a) With the main beam, trolley, vertical crane with a traveling track. This saves a lot of auxiliary materials, saving production time.
(b) Bridge erecting machine has high work efficiency, can be hoisted 5 to 7 pieces per day.

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