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Gantry Crane
position :
Various Type 10 Ton Gantry Crane
In August 26, 2016. Huada Heavy Industry export to Indonesia customer three sets of 10 ton gantry crane that installed test hanging, lifting, running smoothly, one-time success, the various departments of acceptance test data, through the acceptance.

Jakarta,Indonesia Project--10 Ton Gantry Crane
Equipment Supplier: 3 sets of gantry crane
Cap: 10 Ton
Span: 20m
Lifting height: 9m
Year: 2016

Three sets of gantry crane are used in different yard as per customer request. We design three type gantry crane, as below:
2 sets of box type gantry crane:A type double girder gantry crane : With high working duty, trolley traveling speed can reach 50m/min, lifting speed can reach 20m/min, efficient and durable.

L type single girder gantry crane : large net space due to L-shaped structure. With light weight, low overall height; the structure is compact, more cost savings, and it is cost-effective gantry crane with respect to A type and U type gantry crane. Widely used in open-air yards, docks, along railway operations and other places.

1 set of truss type double girder gantry crane: With light weight, stronger wind resistance, low cost and widely used in open-air yards. 
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