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60Ton Double Girder Truss Gantry Crane for Bangladesh

Truss Gantry Crane Project Description

On May 5, 2016, Bangladesh Construction Engineering Company ordered 2 truss gantry cranes from Huada Heavy Industry for hoisting T-beam slabs on the bridge construction site.
The client is one of the largest construction contractors in Bangladesh. Founded in 1886, the company employs 220 people and focuses on bridge construction, architectural engineering, and mining projects. Over the years, the company has been looking for a solution for precise and reliable handling of girders in the casting yard, requiring that the hoisting and smooth operation must be maintained during transportation.



According to the on-site working conditions and material weight and other information provided by the customer, we customize the most cost-effective handling solution for the customer. These two gantry crane truss can travel on an almost unlimited runway length, each crane with a trolley and the span is 36m, the load capacity is 60 tons, and the lifting height is 10m. And the crane is fitted with a free-standing column system, allowing it to be used where there is no safe overhead building structure or where there are ceiling obstructions. These cranes are best suited for working over large areas and allow for relocation in the event of future workflow or facility changes.

Truss Gantry Crane Features

The gantry crane uses truss structure, welded from shaped steel, and main structure with lightweight, small wheel pressure, and reliable performance. can be used in factories, open areas between fixed crosses, construction and installation sites, lumber yards, and other places, Due to the wind size being smaller than the box-shaped structure, it is particularly suitable for large sandstorm places.


Provide Special Features

Both truss gantry cranes are operated and controlled using radio remote controls and pendants. The multiple tandem operation feature allows 2 sets of truss gantry cranes to be used simultaneously to transport loads. Due to the large span of the crane, the crane is equipped with horizontal guide wheels (for large-span deviation correction) and anti-derailment devices to ensure the safe operation of the crane. Cranes operating at the plant are also fitted with crash protection. When the two cranes approach each other, they are braked to a lower travel speed before coming to a complete stop. When these cranes are moving, a signal tone is emitted for safety reasons.

What Customers Say

The decision to choose the Huada Heavy Industry is a decision based on trust. "We chose huada because my partner has a very good evaluation of the company, and he has full confidence in the Huada that has been with them for a long time. In recent years, these cranes have been running stably, with low maintenance costs and almost zero failure. We are very satisfied with the gantry crane that has been used.” said the head of Bangladesh Construction & Engineering Company.”

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