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The Cantilever Construction of Prestressed -- Form Traveller
Apr. 2nd, 2013
With the rapid development of the bridge design, technology and prestressed concrete technology, the cantilever construction process is more and more mature. The Form traveller are the main equipment in the cantilever casting construction of large-scale prestressed concrete continuous rigid bridge and continuous girder bridge.
Always Provide Indoor Crane 5 Ton|10 Ton|20 Ton Blueprint
Feb. 16th, 2013
As we know that many factories of indoor crane do not provide the crane blueprint in China, but only quote for the parts and components. “We will always provide the best service to the customers.” Our big boss spoke in the high level management meeting.
Bridge Erection Equipment and Gantry Crane
Technical Exchanged for Bridge Erection Equipment and Gantry Crane in BAUMA Exhibition China
Nov. 28th, 2012
Huada Heavy Industry has involved in the design and manufacturer of bridge erection equipment and gantry crane field since 2008, and specialized to provide series of customized construction solutions and equipment to the world.
Bridge Girder Erection Machine
HUADA Bridge Girder Erection Machine
Sep. 27th, 2012
Huada Heavy Industry specialized in providing bridge girder erection machine solutions and products since 2008. Bridge girder erection machine is also called bridge erecting machine or girder launcher crane.
Segmental Bridge Launching Machine
Balance Cantilever Application by Segment Lifter
Jun. 20th, 2012
How to lift so huge bridge deck onto the piers is a technical difficulty. Huada Heavy Industry provide customized solution according to the project. The steel box girder of main span is erected by 4 sets 250T segment lifter using balance cantilever method.
LH Type Double Girder Indoor Warehouse Crane
Apr. 12th, 2012
LH type double girder indoor warehouse crane is a rail type double girder overhead crane. It’s trolley adopting CD1 electric hoist or MD1 electric hoist to replace winch with a working class of A3-A5 and working temperature of -25~+40℃.
Balanced Cantilever Bridge Construction Method
Brief Introduction for Balanced Cantilever Bridge Construction Method
Mar. 24th, 2012
For balanced cantilever bridge construction method, no need for temporary support column in the river. Starting from the pier, it evolves to the span direction. For each span, pre-stressing shall be conducted to connect the finished part as a whole.
Segmental Launching Gantry
What’s the Launching Gantry System’s Erection Procedure?
Dec. 10th, 2011
Launching Gantry System is designed according to features of precast concrete simply supported beam. Today, we take one example of segmental box girder Launching Gantry.
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